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WebAdvisor Help

Web Advisor at a Glance

WebAdvisor is the GTU website where you register for classes, check registration blocks, and view your grades.  Please refer to the following tips on how to use WebAdvisor's varying functions.


Click the link to watch the video: 01 Welcome and Introduction



Getting Into WebAdvisor

1.  Go to http://colleague.gtu.edu and click on the WebAdvisor link next to ABSW. 

2.  Click on the “Log In” tab towards the right of the screen. 

3.  Enter your User ID and Password, then click “Submit.”

4.  Click on the blue box labeled “Students.”


Click the link to watch the video: 02 Logging In to WebAdvisor



Checking For Blocks on Your Account

Click on the “Check For Registration Blocks” link below the heading “Registration” on the left side of the screen. These blocks must be taken care of before you can register for courses online.


Watch the video: 03 Health Insurance and Blocks




Registering for General Courses


Do you need a PIN for the course?  Watch the video: 04 Course PINs



Now, it's time to register! Follow the steps below, or click the link to watch the video: 05 Register for Courses


1.  Click on “Register for Courses” below the heading “Registration” on the left side of the screen. 


2.  Click on “Express Registration.”


3.  Complete a row for each class you are registering for in the following manner:

                        Synonym: Leave blank

                        Subject: Click on the arrow to activate the drop-down

                          menu, and then select the correct alphabetical prefix for the


                        Course Number: Click on the box and type in the course number.

                        Section Number: Click on the box and type in both digits of the

                             section number (01, 02, etc.).

                        Term: Click on the arrow to activate the drop-down menu, and

                               then select the term for which you are registering.

4.  Click “Submit.”


5.  Use the drop-down menus under the “Action” column to select your grading option. Check to make sure that all the courses have the correct number of units listed.


6.  Click “Submit.”


7.  Review the Registration Results screen; if any of the courses are incorrect, select “Register for Sections” at the bottom of the screen.  If the results are correct, the online portion of your registration is complete.


Want confirmation?  Watch the video: 06 Registration Confirmation



Printing Your Course Schedule

1.  Click on the “Students Menu” tab and then on the “My Class Schedule” link under Academic profile.


2.  Use the drop-down menu to select the correct term.


3.  Click on “File” in your web-browser and then on “Print.”


4.  Follow the prompts until the document prints.



Registering for Restricted Courses

1.  Contact the professor of the course if the course has any restrictions listed in brackets, such as a limited enrollment size, a requirement for faculty permission, etc. If the professor gives you permission to enroll in the course, you will receive a PIN number for the course.


2.  Click on “Enter Course PIN Codes for Restricted Courses” below the “Registration” heading.


3.  Enter the PIN Codes for every restricted course you are taking.


4.  Follow the instructions for registering for a general course from this point forward.




Registering for Special Reading Courses

1.  Following the same instructions as registering for a general course, enter the course information SRC 9999 01 on the Express Registration screen.  Be sure to put in the appropriate number of units.

2.  Obtain a special reading course form from the Registrar’s Office.


3.  Return the SRC form to the Registrar’s Office filled out and with the appropriate signatures by the end of Late Registration.