"Let us not grow weary in doing what is right, for we will reap at harvest-time, if we will not give up." Galatians 6:9




A centerpiece of the ABSW M.Div. curriculum is the internship each student undertakes in the Middler year. After completing Junior Colloquium (12 units) and additional classes, a student achieves Middler status and enrolls in Middler Colloquium, a year-long course which is held on Monday and Thursday evenings. Prior to the Middler Colloquium year, each student meets with the Director of Contextual Education to determine an internship at a local ministry site. ABSW students are expected to be actively involved in their ministry sites for 10-12 hours each week, from September through May, during the Middler Colloquium year. Each student is assigned a teaching pastor or supervisor for this nine-month period, a skilled ministry professional who can guide the student's work and provide regular evaluations.


Middler internships are not limited to ministry work in congregations. Our students have interned in a variety of settings, including hospice ministry, non-profit agencies, police departments, hospitals, and community centers. ABSW is open to innovative ideas for our students' contextual education ministry sites. We also work with dozens of local churches, from many denominations, who are eager to have ABSW students intern with their congregations.




When our ABSW M.Div. students are within two or three semesters of graduation, they enroll in the year-long course, Mentor Year Project. Each senior student spends the fall semester developing a ministry project (creating a thesis statement, conducting research, and submitting a project design). Students are assigned a mentor, a member of the wider community who has expertise in the project area the student has chosen. During the spring semester, students carry out their projects and then submit an extensive written report, in late April. In May, ABSW holds an open house exhibition and celebration, at which all students in the Mentor Year Project course display the results of their efforts and projects.




The variety of projects our students have undertaken is impressive. A few examples of these topics include discipleship, young adult ministry, bereavement, science and religion, stewardship, ministry to the elderly, evangelism, Christian media, social justice, and AIDS ministry.