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Choosing Classes

How will I know what classes to take for my program?


You should maintain a “Curriculum Checklist” for your program. If you were not given one with your admissions letter, you can request one from the Registrar or your faculty advisor. This checklist breaks down the required units into the different categories.

To find out which coures are being offered at ABSW for the next term…

  1. Visit http://colleague.gtu.edu and click on the link for the Searchable Course Schedule
  2. Select the term during which you want to attend a course (e.g. If you are beginning in January 2014, select “INTER-SESSION 2014”)
  3. For the classroom physical location, select “ABSW”*
  4. Hit “Submit”
*Feel free to play with the search terms, including other GTU campus locations. You can take many of your courses at other GTU campuses!