"Let us not grow weary in doing what is right, for we will reap at harvest-time, if we will not give up." Galatians 6:9



Worship at ABSW...


 ...is a verb. We actively worship together in a participatory manner. We engage the seminary community in the planning of worship, the leading of worship, and the activity of worship.


...is a multicultural event. We seek to incorporate multiple perspectives on God and expressions of worshiping God in our weekly chapel services. We will try to sing, speak, and pray in languages and cultures both present in the room and absent.


...is a primary way we cultivate community. We form a community called out to worship God together; we are an assembly in the richest theological sense of the word--brought together by God's call to worship God.


...is Scripture-focused and Spirit-led where we proclaim the Word of god, and immerse ourselves in that Word all along the way of the planning process. Sometimes we use the Revised Common Lectionary as a way to humble ourselves to God's Word. We actively seek to open ourselves to the leading of the Spirit in the planning of worship and in the worship moment itself. All services are subject to change!


...seeks to incorporate the arts. Whether through the use of art in the bulletin cover, the art of music, movement or dance, or visual arts on banners and on the communion table, we enrich our worship life in as many ways as we can.


...sometimes breaks. In fact, worship almost always breaks at certain moments, because worship is a human endeavor! We don't always get it right, put our best foot forward, or remain focused on God the way we are called to do. But we do seek to be faithful as best we can.


...will not always be comfortable. Chapel is also an extension of the seminary classroom. In this sense, we will encounter new and unfamiliar ways of worshiping together that will sometimes make you feel uncomfortable simply because it is new and different. Chapel is a good opportunity to learn new songs, to try singing in Spanish or Korean, to try praying with gestures and body movement instead of just words, to use different languages to describe God. Being uncomfortable does not mean God isn't present or that you haven't worshiped. Sometimes it is in our moments of discomfort that God has an opportunity to break through to us in new and transformative ways. We are learning ways of worshiping even as we worship.


...seeks to provide students, staff, and faculty with support and sustenance for the journey. Seminary life is full of challenges for everyone at every level of the institution. We all come to the seminary, whether to work here or to study here, because we have experienced a sense of God's call for us to do this work! But it is all too easy to lose our courage, to gibe in to overwork and undernourishment. We need most the experience of worship when we can least afford to take the time away from our work. We don't worship in order to get something out of it, but when we worship, we do allow ourselves to be uplifted and supported by God's loving presence. 


...is open to the community beyond ABSW. Students from the GTU, family members, congregation members, pastors, alumni, and neighborhood folks are all welcome to worship here!


...needs you! If you would like to participate in planning worship, leading worship, leading music, or contributing your gifts in some way, please do not hesitate to let Dr. Jennifer Davidson (Director of Chapel) know. The more involved the whole community is in worship, the more we all feel like we belong and matter. And the richer our community becomes.